A Letter from the Co-Editor

Staff Writer: David McCallister

Happy Spring Semester Bulldogs!

I hope everyone had a great break and enjoyed some well-deserved rest after fall finals. As the new semester begins to start, I wanted to take some time to talk about my role with The Triangle.

Ashley Garcia, the main editor for the paper, has started working on her transition outside of Wingate. Her impact on the paper cannot be described in words. Without the passion that she has shown through success and hardships, her impact has helped the paper grow immensely. 

Since Garcia has retired from editor-in-chief, I will now take her place as the editor-in-chief for the paper. I can never fill the shoes of her impact, but I want to make this paper as successful as possible.

The impact that Wingate students have on the community is important now more than ever. With The Triangle, the impact you have made on the community can be displayed. Your influence is worth the time to write about and praise.

I hope as the new editor I can shine a light on even more that our school offers to each other and ourselves. We are a close family where you know almost everyone you see, which is not common in most colleges.

As an education major, I have learned that having an impact on someone’s life can mean the world and change the course of their life forever. The Triangle hopes to spread the news about what is happening around Wingate and celebrate the wonderful diversity of our school.

I cannot say enough thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the articles written by students or friends. Your support is felt, and we appreciate all the work our writers have done with their great articles.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a line from the late Mac Miller, wherein the song Conversation Part One, Mac raps the line “You missin’ every single shot that you ain’t takin’”. If you ever feel that you have something important to write or express about what is happening around Wingate, do not hesitate to email me and express your passion. We appreciate new writers no matter the background and want to hear from all the voices of Wingate. 

Thank you again for the support and I wish you the best this semester.

David McCallister

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