Women’s Lacrosse Season Preview

Staff Writer: Bella Pellet and Camryn Gallagher

The home opener for the Wingate Women’s Lacrosse team is right around the corner and they are more than ready for the upcoming season. “We have been working so hard, but I am so excited to see what the team does this season.” Senior Captain, Becca Ruiz.

All the seniors are ready to dominate this season and they have one thing on their mind – to get a ring at the end of the season. They have been working tirelessly these past four years, but they believe this is the year. “It was the 7 a.m. conditionings that were brutal at the time,” Senior Paige Kamar said, “But I know it is going to set us apart. It already shows now, and we haven’t had our first game yet.” The left-handed senior is projected to put up many points for the Bulldogs this year. 

In the preseason polls, the Bulldogs were ranked third in the Southern Atlantic Conference behind the Limestone Saints and the leader being the Queens Royals. Limestone just joined the Southern Atlantic Conference or SAC last year and have proven to be a difficult opponent. In addition to this, Queens was the number 3 ranked program in all of Division II lacrosse by the ILWOMEN IWLCA preseason poll. Luckily, the Dogs are not discouraged or intimidated by this. Instead, they are excited for the challenge. 

Head Coach Abby Wiley (Close) and Assistant Coach Amanda Frank (Far)

The underdogs worked all of the fall to unite the team this season. However, the season does look a bit different due to the fact that this is the biggest freshman class they have had yet. Coach Wiley has recruited 14 freshmen to the team and there are 15 returning therefore all of fall’s preseason, the team had to work to unify themselves. All 29 of the current Women’s Lacrosse team members are ready to put in their all in less than two weeks. 

Freshman Danielle Scarfogliero and Claire Fuchs will be coming out strong. It is an amazing thing to see freshmen stepping up and eager to put some numbers on the board in their first season. This freshman class came in huge numbers and they are fresh legs that are needed that are filled with energy. The freshmen class is extremely prepared to give it their all throughout the games they are about to endure.

Their home opener is in two weeks against North Greenville. In the past, the Dogs have been able to dominate the Crusaders, although first game jitters always stand in the way. 

Want to go? The game takes place on Saturday, February 12th at 3 p.m. at Irwin Belk Stadium in Wingate, North Carolina.

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