Wingate’s November Person on the Street

 “What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition?”

Reggie Norwood (left)


“My mom makes me my own pan of mac and cheese. Man, I love mac and cheese!”

Chris Foster (right)


“My momma’s sweet potato pie, she usually makes four pans for me and two for the rest of the family. There’s a competition between my mom’s sweet potato pie and my dad’s mac and cheese” 

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!”

Sydney Dinkins 

Senior, Marketing Major

“Watching football with family, eating a lot of food and spending time with family and friends.”

Johnny Caponi

Junior, Pysch Major

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is playing a family football game after eating our Thanksgiving meal.”

Kassidy Price

Graduate, Pharmacy

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