Wingate Student’s Favorite Thanksgiving Meals

Staff Writer: Madelyn Cherry

The holiday season is the best time of the year. As Thanksgiving approaches, many scramble to find their grandmother’s best secret recipes. Here at Wingate, students have gathered their favorite thanksgiving meals and recipes to share. Students love a range of foods that vary in popularity among households. 

Seeret Brar, senior at Wingate University, shared her favorite sweet potato casserole recipe from Taste Of Home. She says that this is her family’s recipe for their Thanksgiving meal. The recipe is linked below.

Crunchy Sweet Potato Casserole

Donny Chiarel, senior at Wingate, says his favorite Thanksgiving food is his mom’s stuffing. “I go back for seconds every year when she makes it, it is so good,” said Donny. Below is the recipe for her house’s famous stuffing. 

Madison Mataxas, senior at Wingate, says her favorite Thanksgiving food is cranberry sauce. She loves the sweet yet tangy taste of the cranberry sauce her mom makes. She said this is the same recipe her grandmother has used for generations. The recipe they use is linked below.

Claire Patrick, senior at Wingate, loves her grandmother’s pecan pie. Every year, her grandmother makes two pecan pies and they are always gone by the end of the day! Below is her favorite pecan pie recipe.

Wingate students get out for Thanksgiving break November 24 and come back to campus for classes to resume November 29th. 

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