Wingate Football vs Newberry Recap

Staff Writer: Madelyn Cherry

The Wingate Bulldogs took a heartbreaking loss to Newberry last Saturday after going into double overtime. The ‘Dogs lost 35-41 at Setzler Field in Newberry, SC. 

Newberry had 490 yards of offense with 264 passing yards and 226 rushing yards as Wingate had 371 total yards with 198 passing yards and 173 rushing yards. Wingate turned the ball over four times as Newberry turned the ball over twice. The Wolves ended up with a 22-19 advantage in first downs over Wingate, but the ‘Dogs had the lone sack of the day.

In the first quarter, the Wolves took the lead with a 31-yard touchdown. The second quarter was filled with excitement as both teams played competitively. The Wolves started out the quarter with a touchdown right before running back, Nijere Peoples, scored from five yards out to put Wingate on the board. At the end of the first half, Wingate was down 28-14. 

In the second half, Wingate was able to jump to the lead within the first minute of the fourth quarter. The ‘Dogs were on fire in the fourth quarter. With just four minutes to go, defensive back Daron Bowles covered a botched snap in the end zone leading to a tied score. 

The game went into double overtime with the Wolves ultimately taking the win after picking off quarterback Shaw Crocker. 

“This past weekend’s game did not go as expected and we are now out of the running to win our conference. After a tough double-overtime loss against Newberry our team was truly hurt. We fought hard but couldn’t score when we most needed it. We have one more guaranteed game that we can prepare for and hope to win,” said defensive end, Jesiah Carlton.

Wingate will wrap up their regular season next Saturday at home at the Irwin Belk Stadium at 3 p.m.

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