Getting used to the ups and downs of college

Staff Writer: Savannah Phillips

Have you ever felt like “such a freshman”? Join the club!

The past month has taught me a lot about responsibility, adulting, and being wise with my freedom. No one is here to hold our hands, wake us up, wash our clothes, make sure we study, etc. Either we do it ourselves, or it won’t get done. If I’m being honest, I have to set like 3 alarms to make myself wake up in the mornings for class. I know, I know, that’s overkill. But after what I did, it’s actually very rational.

The first day of class, I am lying in bed. My alarm goes off but I turn it off and  fall  back asleep because my bed is sooo comfy. The next thing I know, the clock reads “10:40.”. My first class starts at 11:00. I live in Northeast and of course the class is in Neu! I jump out of my raised bed so fast I’m surprised I actually land on my feet. I pull on clothes, throw a ballcap on my head, and I don’t even brush my teeth- gross, I know. I don’t even have my bookbag packed, so I frantically pull random supplies from my drawers and throw them in. 

I’m in total freak-out mode and I speed to Neu in my car (sorry by the way).  I’m walking down the sidewalk so fast I can hardly catch my breath. I rush through the door only to realize I have no idea where my class is. I happen to see my orientation leader walking down the hall. He graciously shows me to my classroom and  I try to walk in nonchalantly, even though I’m certain everyone can hear my heartbeat. I’ve made it…barely. 

And, you know that thing about “checking the syllabus first” we were all warned about? Well, that slipped my mind.. At the end of class, I slowly walk up to my professor trying to figure out how I didn’t get the memo. To which she responded, “Did you check the syllabus?” Oh . . .

So, yeah, this first month has been challenging. But it’s also been very exciting, filled with spontaneous trips to get Starbucks and McDonald’s, laughter, late night talks, and study sessions. This newfound freedom is both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. Living at home, I felt watched over. I was following the rules of the house. But living on campus, you have to know your own limits. You must trust the morals your guardians distilled in you. It’s time to see what you learned the previous 18 years of life. But Wingate is the perfect place to figure all this out.

Even though I’ve only been on campus for a few weeks, I’ve come to realize that Wingate is a special community. We all offer something unique, diverse, and special that is irreplaceable. I’m proud to be a Bulldog and I’m so excited for each of us as we continue in our journey to becoming difference- makers! I’ve concluded that everyone here is learning together- one day at a time. And I’m learning that college is not meant to be a time of perfection, but rather a time for tremendous growth. 

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