Wingate Football wins first home game of the season

Staff Writer: Madelyn Cherry

The Bulldogs took victory at their first game on Sept. 2, gaining 25 first downs and 393 total offensive yards in a 30-7 win over Shaw at Irwin Belk Stadium.

Kalen Clark scored the Bulldogs first touchdown of the game with 7:54 left in the first quarter. Wingate had 10 plays and 66 yards in the first 4:36 seconds before Shaw’s drive started at 07:54 in the first quarter. Kamal Desor also scored a touchdown in the first quarter making the score 14-0. R.J. Mobley and McLean Robertson scored the remaining points for the night. In the fourth quarter, Shaw scored a touchdown against Wingate, making the score 30-7. 

The team says they are ready for the season and are proud of their win. In a postgame interview, Wingate quarterback Shaw Crocker said, “We got after each other all camp. This group of guys are the most competitive group I have seen since I’ve been here at Wingate. The strong and competitive camp is what I feel led us to the win on Thursday.” He said that they all were focused and prepared going in. 

Crocker said the team played well together as a whole. He said on both sides of the ball “all 11 guys were flying around.” 

Wingate had a total of 61 assisted tackles and 76 tackles total. One of the players who contributed to the defensive line with three assisted tackles was Raymond Owens. 

Owens said “Everyone doing their job led to the win Thursday. Seniors stepped up big time in the leadership roles and the young guys listened and followed tremendously.” Owens also attributed their preparedness to Head Coach Joe Reich, saying, “Our coaches prepared us for the game as best they could. They had a good game plan we stuck to and executed.” 

On offense, running back Nijere Peoples and wide receiver Desor stood out. Desor had 60 yards as well as a touchdown, while Peoples gained a total of 92 yards.

The bulldogs played a solid game and are looking great this season. They defeated Fayetteville State 40-21 last Saturday and are 2-0. Wingate will be going into their third game against Carson-Newman this Saturday at Burke-Tarr Stadium in Jefferson City, Tenn. at 1pm.

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