Exams: online vs. in-person

Staff Writer: LaVonda Briggs

Students have been in class for a while now, meaning exams are bound to take place. Exams may have changed due to having to be online which means either two things: they may have gotten harder or they may just be the same. Not every student is taking exams the same. Some have all day to take them while some are timed. Everyone is different.  

Taking exams online may be nerve wracking for students because they may be a little harder than they normally would be in person. Professors may be doing more to make sure a student can’t just easily look up the answer to a question.  

“I feel like the professors make it a little harder, because they are trying to prevent students from possibly wanting to cheat,” said Wingate junior Caroline Peters. 

Professors may feel like they must take extra measures to ensure that their students are properly understanding the material, or just to make sure that students are keeping up with their assignments daily.  

Some students have all day to take an exam while some must take an exam within a certain time period. With this, there may come some distractions for those who are easily side tracked.  

“Taking an exam for me has been a little difficult because since I have all day to take them, I find myself being easily distracted because I am in my room rather than being in the classroom,” said Wingate senior Jalen White.   

Although exams are online some students feel that they have done better in an in-person exam rather than an online exam whether that be because they concentrate better or because they are better test takers in a classroom setting.  

“I prefer having exams in person because I think I focus more when I am in a classroom than when I am at home,” said Wingate junior Alicia Rubio Garcia.  

COVID-19 has adjusted students’ lives in many ways, and exams are the next adjustment a student has to face this year while being in school. 

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