The “Food Hall” updates, good or bad?

Staff Writer: Michael Martin

Over the summer at Wingate University many things have changed, and things will continue to change throughout the semester. One of the largest changes is the food options here on campus. 

Last year was a rough year for Wingate and Aramark, the former food provider. There were many complaints about food quality, quantity and pricing. However, Wingate listened to their students and decided to make a change. 

That resulted in Chartwell’s, the new provider, coming in and doing a full renovation to the cafeteria as well as the other food options on campus.

The entire cafeteria was gutted and repainted, new appliances installed and that is how the new “food hall” got its new name. This was done in order for Chartwell’s to bring new life to the food scenario on campus and please the students with these new options. 

One of the most popular questions is how exactly does this new meal plan work? Well it varies on the plan students choose to purchase. 

All residential students must have a meal plan, however, seniors with an apartment style living situation can opt out of the All Access plan and choose the Lifestyle 14.

This plan gives students 14 Meal Swipes a week at the Food Hall as well as 3 Meal Exchanges at Chick Fil A or Freshens. 

With the All Access meal plan you get unlimited Meal Swipes per week and 5 Meal Exchanges at Chick Fil A or Freshens. 

On top of that a beloved item across campus is increased: Bulldog Bucks. For the All Access plan, a student receives $285 per semester to spend as they wish. With the Lifestyle 14 plan, a student receives $400 per semester. 

Students say the largest improvement has been the food quality, claiming it speaks volumes over what the Food Hall used to offer. 

Some want to know about the grill and the options there. The grill is still serving student favorites such as grilled chicken, burgers and fries. However, it also serves special items like Italian Sausage sandwiches, fried chicken sandwiches like the old Klondike among many others. 

There is a brand new station named “G8” that is dedicated to the top 8 allergy restrictions plus Gluten Free students so that no matter what students can or cannot eat, there is always an option for them. 

If a student learns about a new allergy or just wants to check on what they are eating, Chartwell’s has a dietitian as well as nutritionist here on campus that are available to speak to at any time. 

Overall, the feeling of a new Food Hall and the updates that come along inside that as well as the new meal plan options, many are hopeful this can overcome such a struggle with dining here on Wingate’s campus. 

How do you feel about these options? Do you have questions about these updates? 

Feel free to head over to Chartwell’s website and read though some of the options as well as the FAQ page. 

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