Awareness of police brutality increases

Staff Writer: Kendrick Tucker

There is no secret that the current state of the world is under great distress. Aside from the pandemic sweeping everyone by surprise, a civil problem captured several eyes and ears as well. 

Police brutality.

  It’s something that many may shy away from calling it a touchy subject resulting In not wanting to talk about it. 

While that is very much understandable, the amount of attention this long-lasting trend in America has gained as of recent is impeccable. 

Knowing that interactions with police officers can vary in a drastic way depending on who you are, there have been instances in the year of 2020 that rubbed many individuals the wrong way gaining National attention.

Instances such as George Floyd who’s encounter with police led to his death, then Jacob Blake, who’s encounter with officers led to him being shot in the back seven times, and lastly, a huge incident that caught eyes and ears of several individuals worldwide was the murdering of 

Breonna Taylor who was shot eight times while sleeping in the comfort of her own home. 

Knowing that police brutality happens a great deal of times and in communities of minorities, but can happen to any race or ethnicity.

“Whenever I’m stopped or around police I don’t really feel protected, you hear and see how they treat people of color,” said Francis Sio, a current senior on Wingate’s campus. “And in all honesty, it’s frightening not knowing how your encounter will turn out. You can try your best to do the right thing but at the end of the day you don’t know what they are thinking”. 

“I’ve never been in a harmful situation with police, but I see the videos and read the news and I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t say this is a real problem,” said Devin Mac. “Being handled in a different manner based on your skin color isn’t right and change definitely needs to happen.” 

Many feel the same way as Sio and Mac, not knowing how their encounters may turn out based upon your skin color or image is a frightening feeling. 

Many people have acknowledged, stood, walked and spoken up about this ongoing problem in America. 

Due to the many brutal encounters that have taken place recently, and the attention that it has gained nationally, hopefully there will be a consistent decline in police brutality in America.

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