Happy HalloWingate!

Staff Writer: Shannon Kasprak

      It is spooky season at the Gate and festivities are in full swing! From staff and students dressing up for the occasion to Halloween cookie decorating in the cafeteria and Moonlight Madness- the campus saw a very fun-filled day! 

     Several students dressed up for the holiday, including junior, Morgan Zanardi. She walked around to class and went about her everyday routine, only today she went in a ghost costume.

     She shared how “she enjoys the opportunity to get involved in the holiday” by dressing up and “loved all of the Halloween spirit around campus” like getting to decorate cookies in the cafeteria.

     Zanardi is on the women’s soccer team at Wingate, and she said that everyone on the team dressed up for practice today, along with several other sports teams. 

     A huge festivity that drew lots of the students and campus attention was the anticipation of the Moonlight Madness event.

     This involves the introduction of the men and women’s basketball team.

     This event also includes productions of the step team, a sorority dance, two fraternity dances, and the highlight of the night- the dunk and three-point shootout contests.

     The event gets students involved with several organizations on campus, including athletics, while getting entertained and giving individuals an opportunity to enjoy the Halloween holiday.

     Happy Halloween!

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