Much needed fall break

Staff Writer: Savanna Harris

     Any phrase that contains the word “break” is music to the ears of a college student. 

     Campus is quietly buzzing with the excitement of Fall break coming up at the end of this week. There really is nothing like a good home-cooked meal and spending some time with your family. 

     The short, but much-needed reprieve begins in the afternoon on Friday, October 4 and classes will resume again on Wednesday, October 9. 

     However, many students may have their enthusiasm curbed by being given an assignment or project to complete over the break. 

     It isn’t uncommon to hear murmurings of this being unfair, or of this making it feel almost as if there isn’t a break at all. One might argue, is assigning homework over a break too much?

     Shelby Price, a junior nursing major here at Wingate University, offered her thoughts on the matter.

     “I don’t think students should have homework over Fall break because we have been working hard and putting in time and effort for 7 weeks now. In my opinion, a break is deserved and needed from time to time,” Price said.

     She went on to say, “Yes we’re students and I understand that, but we’re also human beings.”

     Caylin Byerly, a Senior biology major here, had the opposite view.

     “I almost never have homework over breaks, so I don’t really mind. But, since my major is biology, it surprised me that I didn’t have any,” Byerly said. “All of my usual homework is already due on the weekends anyway, so it doesn’t really affect me either way.” 

     All in all, having homework over any break will most likely remain an inconvenience to students throughout their pursuit of a higher education. 

     But regardless of your thoughts on the matter, it’s important to stay focussed and motivated.

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