Free flu shots at the health center

Staff Writer: Sophia Blake

     There is heavy debate on deciding if you should get a flu shot or not. “Will I get sick if I get one?” “Will it make my arm sore?” “Do I really need it?” These are some examples of questions that arise when flu season arrives. Sherrie McCaskill, DNP, FNP-C and the Director of The Health Center answers a few of these questions in depth. 

     Students have easy access to getting a flu shot by making an appointment either online or by calling the number of the health center. 

     “We also take walk-ins but patients with appointments will always be seen first,” said McCaskill.

     There are several reasons people feel that they should not get a flu shot, such as, they believe it will give you the flu, they do not want their arm to be sore, etc. 

     “Getting the flu could lead to missing up to a week of classes. People who have other health concerns such as asthma or other conditions that make them more susceptible to illness could end up hospitalized if symptoms become severe,” McCaskill said. 

     This is why the flu shot is highly recommended. 

     McCaskill filled us in on the common questions that arise when deciding if one should get a flu shot or not: “Will it make me sick?” 

     “You can not get the flu from getting a flu shot. Sometimes, you can have mild body aches and low grade fever after getting a shot but that is rare. If that occurs, taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen will help,” McCaskill explains. 

     Emily Shaffer, a Biology major at Wingate explains how she feels about getting the flu shot and why she is planning to get one this year. 

     “I am getting the flu shot this year because I want to prepare my immune system and because it is free,” Shaffer said. “I think it’s a good idea to get it even though it is unknown what strain it’s going be that year, but it’s always good to do everything you can to prevent it.”

     Getting the flu shot may frighten some people, but it is highly recommended in order to try and prevent the struggles that the actual flu virus can cause. 

     For more information on flu shots call, 704-233-8102 or email 

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