Wingate freshmen finding their footing

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Staff Writer: Blake Furr

     With new construction, new clubs, and most importantly new faces, Wingate University continues to grow and flourish by adding new young men and women to the

     Bulldog family. The University has grown 37% over the last five years coming one step closer to their goal of a 4,000-6,000 student campus. Currently, there are over 3,500 students and 72% are undergraduate while the remaining 28% are graduate students.

     The 2019 Fall semester kicked off August 19 for returning students and eager freshmen who are just now gaining the knowledge of what it takes to be a college student. 

     Brooklyn Henderson, a freshman exercise science major, says her first year is off to a great start.

     “So far I have adapted well to college life. I have tried to stay busy and occupy my time such as working out everyday and getting involved here on campus,” said Henderson. 

     She says that Wingate “simply feels like home,” and that meeting new people have helped the process. 

     Henderson finds nothing negative to talk about when asked about Wingate.

     “Honestly, there is nothing I dislike about the college life. I really like how you have to be independent and you don’t have to ask to do things, you just do it,” said Henderson.

     Transitioning from high school to college is a big step in a young adults life, but Henderson doesn’t find this to be a problem. 

     “The major difference I notice between high school and college is you’re on your own now. You have to really push yourself and stay on top of things. Nobody is going to remind you to do your work, or go to class,” said Henderson. 

     She says that during college you can truly find out who you are and the abilities you can find once becoming independent. She, and the many other freshman that started Wingate this year, are looking forward to that process.

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