Alpha Xi Delta Pancakes for a Cause

Natalie Kilgore, Staff Writer

Wingate University’s Alpha Xi Delta sorority raised $244 from the pancake fundraiser it hosted for its philanthropy, Autism Speaks, on Wednesday, Oct. 4. Sophomore and member of Alpha Xi Delta Kerrigan Laney said that 100 percent of the money the sorority raised from the fundraiser goes to Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks is a nonprofit organization that provides support for the autistic community. It also works to provide solutions and better treatments for people with autism. Autism refers to a spectrum of disorders typically characterized by difficulty communicating and interacting with others.

“One in 68 children in the United States is diagnosed with autism, so being able to give all of the money back to the charity is so rewarding,” Laney said.

To place an order, students texted one of two phone numbers. Members of Alpha Xi Delta made the pancakes in their apartments and then delivered them across campus. “Some girls make the pancakes, some deliver them to students and others write facts about autism on the plates,” she said. “It is a wonderful bonding experience for us.”

Laney said the fundraisers are one of her favorite aspects of the sorority. She hopes that raising awareness through her chapter for Autism Speaks helps put one more piece of the autism puzzle in place. “Knowing that I help raise money for a great charity while being with my sisters is the greatest feeling,” she said.

“I look forward to the pancake fundraiser and our other events every year because I get to bond with my sisters and interact with other students on campus,” Laney said.

She thinks that it’s always awesome whenever the sorority gets to put on events to raise money for its charity because it gets more of the students on campus involved with Greek life, whether they are a part of Greek life or not. She said that seeing so many students supporting Alpha Xi Delta’s charity brings her so much joy. “It is an easy way to raise money for Autism Speaks, and I enjoy doing it with some of my best friends,” she explains.  

When Laney gets involved with all of the chapter’s events, she feels more thankful about joining a great sorority.“The more you help raise money for wonderful charities like Autism Speaks, the more special it makes you feel,” she said.

The pancake fundraiser is a little kick-start to the chapter’s year of fundraising.Alpha Xi Delta hosts the pancake fundraiser every year along with a sand volleyball tournament, a flag football tournament, a barbecue event, a walk and many other small fundraisers to benefit Autism Speaks. They will also be participating in the Autism Speaks walk in Charlotte on Oct. 28, which is it is the biggest event for Alpha Xi Delta.

Edited By: Ryan Mackintosh and Rachael Robinson

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