New campus organization helps find internships for students

Internship Opportunities at Wingate

Cierra Smith, Staff Writer

As college students may know, the idea of getting out into the workforce once graduating can be stressful in itself. So, when looking for internships, the stress can be just as daunting.

Most college students feel as if they have to get an internship that directly pertains to their major, but in reality, it is better for them to look into internships from a variety of focuses in order to truly understand what it is that they want to do once graduating.

The task of looking for internships can be easy for some, but also difficult for others, so it helps to have resources around that can aid you in doing so. Here at Wingate, there is a special on-campus organization geared directly towards aiding students in finding internships that fit their career goals and also help them with all other elements surrounding postgraduate careers; the Center for Vocations, Internships, and Career Services (CVICS).

CVICS, which was formerly known as just the Office of Internships and Career Services, is an on-campus organization that is here to help students in any way they can deal with the stresses surrounding their future careers.

With CVICS, you are assigned a career adviser based on your major, who help you in the planning process for your careers.

Some of the things that the career advisers help with are devising job search strategies, exploring careers, finding internship opportunities, preparation for graduate school and interviews, as well as writing resumés and cover letters. When it comes to internship opportunities here at Wingate, there are an abundance of them and for a great variety of majors.

When taking internships, regardless of if whether its on-campus or off-campus, you can receive academic credit for your experience. Once you get an internship, you are assigned a faculty internship supervisor who offers you support and guidance throughout the duration of your internship.

All of the internships offered at Wingate can differ depending on who supervises you, but all-in-all, you still gain great experience that can easily catapult you into a great career once graduating.

In the past, Wingate students have worked as interns at a wide variety of accredited companies and organizations. On CVICS website, you can find an extensive list of companies and organizations that Wingate students have interned at in the past and from that particular list, you can see what majors directly coincide with those internships.

In addition to that, they also have a list of of internships that are available now for students to apply for if they are looking into getting an internship this academic year.

If Wingate students are in the need of an internship or career service advising they can set up an appointment with CVICS by filling out a short form on their website that was previously mentioned or email Sharon Robinson with all of their questions.

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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