Mold and Mildew issue in Student Dorms

University provides necessary tools to improving the issue

Maggie Smith, Staff Writer

          Wingate University students are complaining after finding mold throughout their dorm rooms. Mold has been found in the two residence halls: J.M. Smith and Helms.

Alexis Jones, a junior Residential Assistant for J.M. Smith, said she has had five residents of the dorm report to her about mold in their dorm rooms. Jones said she has found mold in her own dorm room as well.

“I found it on my tapestries, under my bed, on my bed-frame, in my closet, and on my shoes.” said Jones.

Jones said she went to maintenance about the mold in her room, and a mold team was sent to clean out the mold. Jones found mold again after it had been cleaned out, the mold team then provided her with a dehumidifier.

The mold team said that humidity is what causes the mold. Jones said the dorm is so humid that she has to clean out the humidifier once a day.

The mold team is only providing dehumidifiers if cleaning out the mold in the rooms does not work first. Wingate University is advising residents to bring their own dehumidifiers. The University has even added dehumidifiers to the freshman checklist for ‘what to bring’ to live in the dormitories.

A high quality dehumidifier, like the ones provided by the University, can get up to almost $2,000.

Wingate University has also taken measures of informing their residents of the mold and mildew issue on their homepage under student-life/residence-life: On this site, the University provides steps to prevent the mold and mildew.

The University advises residents to always report water problems such as dripping faucets immediately, and to never leave wet towels, shoes, or clothes lying around.

Edited by: Sara Gunter






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