Sustainability Project Brought to Wingate

Saving the environment one bike at a time

Sara Gunter, Staff Writer

Wingate University brings new eco-friendly project to campus. A group of students and administrators came together to form a committee called a sustainability committee. With a passion for the environment they created an idea for campus. Their idea was approved for a bike share program.

This bike share program brings 32 bikes to campus. Bikes are available at 8 different locations across campus with an average of 4 bikes per location. All it requires is a student ID.

In order to take advantage of this you must download the new app, Movatic. This app is free on the app store, once on the app input your information. Then click on the private system button, type in Wingate University. Once approved by an administrator, you can then see a map showing all the different locations.

I spoke with Alexis Whiteside a student involved with the creation of the bike share program. She told me she is excited because,” it will be easier to get exercise.” Alexis believes that it will encourage students to move and ride a bike to class, or ride it to campus lake. She hopes that students will take advantage of this opportunity.

With this project comes the hope for making the campus more of “green” environment. “The environment is very important and if bikes are what it takes to make this campus more eco-friendly then I think it’s a good addition,” Alexis said.

As of right now once a bike is checked out of the location there is no set time limit for how long you can use the bikes however Alexis said, “that might change just depending on how used the bikes are or if students become super interested in this idea.”

This isn’t the only idea that the university hopes to implement. Alexis tells me that the University is working on adding a solar project to campus. The university could be adding solar panels to buildings in the near future.

If interested in saving the environment or learning more about this project contact Alexis Whiteside, There is also a club on campus called Bulldogs Going Green that students can join in order to contribute to campus and the environment. This organization can be found on WUSync.

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