Question of the Week: Who will win the World Series?

Baseball’s World Series starts tomorrow and the COM 220 News Writing class went out on campus today to see who was going to be paying attention to it. Will the winner be the Chicago Cubs or the Cleveland Indians? What do you think?

First, some great analysis from math professor Dr  Greg Bell, who spoke to class member Zeriq Lolar: 


Others are rooting for less analytical reasons:

Class members Delaney Smith and Kendall Sienon talked with finance major Chris Birozes from Suwanee, Ga. He said he’s only going to watch the Series because his roommate is. He said he’d like to see the Cubs win.



Here’s another Cubs fan, interviewed by Anthanee Doyle and Andrew Elliott:


Class members Jackson Kaplan and Rachael Robinson interviewed Matt Urbancyzk, graduate assistant for intramural and club sports. He thinks the Cubs are going to win because of superior pitching. “I(‘s the year to break the 107-year curse,” he said, referring to how it’s been since the Cubs won the World Series.


Here’s Ryan Brown, WU’s director of broadcasting and video services:




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