Getting to know mayor Braswell

Zach Almond and Emma Mowers, Staff Writers


Mayor Bill Braswell is quite familiar with Wingate’s campus as he resides in the home directly across the street from the Neu academic building. Braswell says he enjoys living on campus and likes the energy and unpredictability. “I have grown to appreciate both the students and the trains,” said Braswell.  

Braswell graduated from Forest Hills High School in 1967. He then went on to attend Wake Forest University and graduated in 1971; he has been mayor since 2007. Prior to being elected, Braswell served on the Wingate town commission board since 1999. The mayor is also active within community organizations such as the Wingate Lions Club.

When Braswell was asked what sparked his interest with Wingate’s local government, he said, “Sixteen years ago, the Wingate Commissioners Board expanded from three to five members. I thought my perspective would broaden the board and that I could contribute to the process.”

Braswell believes the most pressing issue the town faces is the construction of the new Wingate Government Center, which will include both the Town Hall and Volunteer Fire Department. The construction will take place in the lot behind Pizza Hut on Main Street. Braswell plans to use his best efforts in the future while promoting the Wingate Downtown area and anticipating the Expressway’s changes.

When asked what he would like to see improved in Wingate, Braswell said, “People in outlying areas already drive to Wingate for their daily walking exercise. Walkways and more sidewalks would provide a greater attraction and could help drive the formation of a growing downtown.”

During an interview with Braswell, discussions of improvements in the town water systems were brought up.  It was obvious Braswell had given extensive thought towards the upkeep and maintenance of the water pipes in Wingate. “Our town cannot grow and prosper without both a sound water and safe sewer system. By the end of this calendar year, we will have completed a decade renovating both systems. During this time, we have had all five commissioners willing to commit almost all of our discretionary efforts toward achieving this goal,” said Braswell.

Edited by Brooke Griffin and Rob Gay

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