Wingate Model United Nations Club Fares Well at Southern Regional Conference

Staff Writer: Laura Navarrete

Wingate’s Model United Nations team represented the university at the
Southern Regional Model United Nations (SRMUN) Conference at the
Hilton University Place Hotel in Charlotte March 23-25. Students
representing Argentina, Ethiopia and Pakistan participated in multiple
categories in their committees.

The theme for the conference was “Reimagining Peace, Reclaiming Human
Rights and Restoring International Law.” Wingate was among 36 schools
from within the region to participate and competed against bigger
universities like Wake Forest, Auburn, Kentucky and Clemson.

Sophomore James Click, president of the Wingate Model U.N. Club, said “a
huge part of Model U.N. is coming together and putting aside ideological
differences for the greater good. Russia and the U.S. are often at odds and
yet still work together in the [Model] U.N. all the time. Seeing everyone
come together is always enjoyable.”

SRMUN prides itself on being one of the country’s most prominent
intercollegiate Model United Nations organizations. For the last 33 years,
SRMUN has continued to be the cornerstone of growth in undergraduate
students’ lives as they become young professionals and, ultimately, future
leaders. The conference was planned and staffed by members of the
SRMUN team and allowed delegates to participate in large panels.

Despite not winning any awards, the experience was a rewarding one for
the Wingate team, which took pride in getting a resolution passed.
“It’s amazing to meet new people and see old friends,” said Wingate senior
Eli Ward, the club’s treasurer. “The memories made at these conferences
will last a lifetime, and I could not be happier to have had these

“I’m most proud of two things. First, getting a resolution passed is always
an amazing feeling. There is always anticipation as the votes are counted. Hearing the words ‘has been accepted as resolution 2-8’ is a fantastic
feeling. The second thing has to be the club’s performance as a whole. I
can’t express how proud it made me to see everyone going around and
getting compliments and shaking hands. It was really like a proud-parent
moment. Seeing that made all the prep, all the lost sleep, all the stress,
worth it.”

SRMUN Secretary-General Makayla McDermott was impressed by what
she saw over the three days.

“From working with and observing the student delegates at our last
conference, I was heartened to see the advanced level of debate, academic
rigor and diplomatic spirit brought to each committee session,” McDermott
said. “I continue to glean inspiration from the work accomplished by our
student delegates and from the fresh ideas and innovative solutions they
bring to address the world’s most pressing issues.”

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