CAMPUS NOTEBOOK: Residence Life Encouraging Students to ‘Pull in’ Roommate of Their Choice to Replace December Graduates

Staff Writer: Jordyn Gaither

With December graduation quickly approaching, Wingate
students with roommates who are final-semester seniors are
being reminded by Residence Life that they have the option to
“pull in” a roommate of their choice to fill any vacancies in a room
or suite.

Pull-in roommates can only be acquired if you directly share
a room with a graduating senior or if there is a graduating senior
in your suite. Freshmen, however, are not allowed to be pulled
into an upperclassman living area.

If a student occupies a space in South Village with four
rooms, the pull-in is granted to the individual sharing a bathroom
with the opening. If you are a student who shares a room,
bathroom or apartment with an upcoming graduate, you will have
the chance to choose a roommate of your choice by the deadline,
which is Nov. 28 at 9 a.m. Students not responding by the
deadline will have random replacements assigned by Residence

Any questions regarding the process should be directed to
the Residence Life office by email at or
phone (704-233-8245). Students can also visit the Help Desk on
the first floor of Alumni Hall located in the Quad between the
library and Burris.

Tuition balance minimum lowered, preventing some
students from registering for spring classes

With spring registration in full swing, the university
announced on Oct. 30 via a Bulldog Central email to students that
it has lowered the minimum tuition balance required to register
for classes by $1,000.

Previously, the minimum balance on an account could be
$1,500, but now students can owe no more than $500 in order to
be authorized for registration.

Many students were surprised by the timing of the
announcement, which at the least delayed their registration and
perhaps caused them to be unable to get classes in high demand
for their major.

Zoi Lucas, a sophomore Biology major from Morrisville,
N.C.,, said that the move comes at a time when “it is already hard
to pay for college” and that the late notice kept her from
registering because she was under the assumption that the $1,500
minimum was still intact.

—Kaila Vaughn

Delta Sigma Phi raises $400 with Haunted House

The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity held its annual Haunted
House on Oct. 28 from 7:30 to 11 p.m. at Alumni Hall, raising
about $400 during the evening. Featuring a cast dressed as horror
movie characters like Michael Myers from “Halloween,” Freddy
Krueger of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and Jason from
“Halloween,” the event drew around 100 Wingate students who
paid $4 per ticket at the door.

—Ethan Kilby

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