Looking For Some Really Good Ideas? Try These—Starting With a Wingate Parking Garage

Staff Writer: Emily Werner

We all think of ideas that we find to be absolutely genius. Half the time,
they’re things that come to us in the middle of the night and are no
longer great ideas when we wake up the next morning. But my ideas? I
truly believe they are life-altering and would tremendously benefit
society if implemented.

Adding a parking garage to Wingate University’s campus
Parking at Wingate has been a nightmare for as long as anyone can
remember. There’s just not enough space, even after requiring
students to pay for parking passes. We could fix this a few
different ways, but my favorite is to build a three-level parking
garage on Cedar Street, next to Byrum Residence Hall. Building
a parking garage increases the amount of parking and the Cedar
Street lot is fairly central to campus, making it an ideal location
for commuters and residents alike.

Dentists who do not talk to you
Going to the dentist is already stressful enough for most people. Having
someone you only see twice a year’s hands in your mouth is
weird. But it could get worse. This virtual stranger could talk to
you while they’re hands are in your mouth. How am I supposed
to respond? Haven’t they learned that by now? Or are they
simply pranking me? This is why I need a dentist that does their job without speaking to me. I don’t want the small talk. I want silence.

Concert seating by height
Every time I go to a concert, I am reminded of how painfully short I am.
Half the time, I’m not even the shortest person in the room!
However, I seem to always get stuck behind the tallest person in
the room and can’t see a thing. To fix this, you should have to
put your height in when buying tickets. That way, short people
will actually be able to see. No, you won’t be able to sit with
your friends of different heights. Sorry, that’s not how it works.

Hairdressers who won’t talk to you
See the second idea, replace “dentists” with “hairdressers.”

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