New Student IDs Allow Ease of Tap Transactions—But Losing One Will Cost You $20 more

Staff Writer: Jordyn Gaither

The cost of replacing a lost student ID just got a lot more
expensive for Wingate students.

As a result of the implementation of a new chip-card ID that will allow tap transactions this year, the price of getting a replacement card for any reason has increased from $5 to $25.

Wingate students and faculty have been issued new copies of the
formerly blue-striped campus ID card used to access meal plans, Bulldog Bucks and doors along with copiers and printers in the library. However, some students have complained of inconsistencies and no access to their Bulldog Bucks and meal plans after losing the first copy of their student IDs. This issue typically arises when students have misplaced their ID card or it has been stolen and they receive a new one from the Office of Residence Life. 

“If you are receiving a new ID and you find the old one, you
need to return the old one to the office—it is not functioning,” said
Delicia Brockington, a graduate assistant at Residence Life.
“There is no such thing as reactivating a previous ID. The new
system does not work like that. Because we are upgrading the system to
be more secure, anytime you get a new ID printed the other one is
immediately cut off, and that is across campus—Transact, in the dining
hall, in our doors—that it will not function.”

The sleek, new white ID cards are embedded with an electronic chip that gives them tap-transaction capabilities. Because of the chip, it’s important that students not punch any kind of hole in the card, as this will impact its effectiveness. Any damage done to the card will result in students needing to purchase a new one from the Residence Life office.

In previous years, a new ID card could be purchased for only $5, but that fee is now $25 and will be charged to a student’s account each time a new card is obtained. The large increase came as a result of the expense of the security system change and the improvements made to the card.

Despite the new ID cards going into full effect this month, officials say many faculty members and some students have still not picked theirs up. More than 100 on a table inside the lobby of Alumni Hall that houses the Office of Residence Life were still left unclaimed as of Sept. 23.

If a student has any questions regarding the new ID cards or any
issues related to living on campus, please visit the front desk of the Residence Life office or call 704-233-8245.

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