Three Horses I’d Consider Trading My Car For If Gas Prices Keep Rising

Staff Writer: Emily Werner

Gas prices keep rising in the United States and are currently above $4.00 in the Charlotte area. The minimum wage in North Carolina is a measly $7.25, making it incredibly hard for minimum wage workers to afford gas. Most college students who work fall into this boat. I sure do. If gas prices keep going up, I will need to find a new mode of transportation. Time to revert back to a time before cars – I need a horse.

Horses have never been my thing. I don’t necessarily like them, although I have nothing against them. But you know what I hate? Paying $4.00 for gas. So, let’s look at some horses I’d consider trading in my car for.


Not unlike the one I own on Red Dead Redemption II, Arabian horses are cooperative, willing to please, and can form close bonds with their humans. They are smart, friendly, happy, yet alert animals, according to Deep Hollow Ranch. They are one of the fastest breeds in long-distance races, with a top speed of 40 mph. Most of the speed limits around here are 45 mph, so I think an Arabian would be a great choice. On average, they cost between $5,000-$30,000, around the same price as a 2022 Honda Civic. Sounds like a steal to me. 


Ah, thoroughbreds. They’re the fastest horses in the world, which explains why they dominate horse races. Thoroughbreds can reach speeds over 40 mph, and one named Winning Brew holds the world record at 44 mph. The famous Secretariat was a thoroughbred. So was Seabiscuit. Need I say more?


Frou-Frou is the horse from The Aristocats, a Disney movie from the 1970’s. She’s fictional, but a legend. Frou-Frou is Madame Bonfamille’s horse and she’s a friend to Duchess and her kittens. When she hears that Edgar is responsible for their disappearance, she puts up a fight, and kicks him into the trunk he was going to use to send the kittens to Timbuktu. Speed doesn’t matter for this one. Frou-Frou’s loyalty and dedication to the cats are what makes her perfect. 

I know I am not the only one fed up with the high prices of gas. DC Structures claims that the monthly cost of taking care of a single horse is $300-400. This doesn’t include vet visits, a barn, or any additional services. Just the bare minimum. That’s ok, I will just let it roam the house like a dog. 

I guess my main point is this: Do not be alarmed if you see a cartoon horse speaking French in one of the commuter lots on campus. That’s just Frou-Frou.

(Courtesy of Disney’s Aristocats

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