Remedy for a Broken World

Staff Writer: Savannah Phillips

Have you ever been driving and a song that you’ve never heard comes on? It makes your thoughts stop, and for a moment all you do is listen to everything it’s trying to say…

For me, that song was “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas. If you haven’t already, I really suggest listening to this song.  A couple of days ago, I almost started crying right there in the car, because I was touched by the emotional truth of the lyrics. I wanted to blast the song from the rooftops in hopes of waking up the world, making people turn from their ways.

Violence. So much violence. From all areas of the world, running rampant on the streets. Corrupt officials in all areas are there to “help” us, from the White House all the way to the small-town police station. Guns – used to kill even when they gave all they had. Taking their lives because they had the gun. Color. Never seeing what’s on the inside- that we all have the same beating heart. Social media breaks the confidence of so many beautiful people, who are perfect just as they are. Children who have had their innocence stolen by someone who knew better. 

In a world that is so “advanced” and “intelligent,” it lacks the basic needs, the common sense, to put itself back together. We can fix broken computers, busted phone screens, repair totaled cars, restore ancient treasures… but we can’t seem to fix our world. 

If I tried to list what is wrong with our world, that list would never end. But, it isn’t our responsibility to change the whole world- our work would never end either. Because there will always be those who stand against coming together. All that we can do is shine a light, even on the darkest days. We are responsible for ourselves and how we treat one another. We are responsible for planting a seed

Going back to the message of this song, I ask you, where is the love? Love is the simplest answer to our broken world. Love for one another. Holding hands and facing life together. How far we could have come if only people loved one another. 

“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.”

-Jana Stanfield

-Savannah Phillips

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