A College Student’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Staff Writer: Madelyn Cherry

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples are getting excited to go out and celebrate. From flowers and teddy bears to diamond earrings, Valentine’s Day is one of the economy’s favorite holidays. Worldwide, people scramble to find the perfect gift for their significant other to make Valentine’s Day special. 

According to the National Retail Federation, over $27 billion is expected to be spent in celebration of the day of love. Young lovebirds are more likely to go out on a date and purchase extravagant gifts. It is predicted that approximately 60% of people between the ages 25-34 will contribute to the holiday and each US American will spend an average of $162. 

As college students, this may not be realistic to spend as much money with the small budget we may have. There are many affordable dates and gift options that will still make the perfect day for your valentine regardless of one’s financial situation. 

One can never go wrong with the classic dinner date. Around the Charlotte area, there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from to fit every price range. Couples also have other options such as ice skating. There is a skating rink located in Indian Trail, NC named the Extreme Ice Center. Bowling dates are always a fun and unique option for Valentine’s Day that can not go wrong on a budget. Around the Monroe area, there are a handful of bowling alleys such as Fox’s Alley Bowling, Bar, & Grill, or AMF Bowling in Charlotte.

Now for the least expensive and most casual date idea available… a movie marathon. It can be fun to keep this Valentine’s Day casual this year with the rampant covid-19 cases impacting the ability to go out too much. A movie marathon can be dressed up with take-out, candles, flowers, and a good romance movie.

For gift ideas, flowers are always a great and timeless idea. Who doesn’t love to receive flowers? Most drug stores also offer well-priced gifts for your valentine. They have teddy bears, chocolates, and all sorts of on-theme items. Candles and lotions are loved by all as they are perfect gifts for just about any occasion. Click here to see a CNET story about 17 affordable gifts for men and women under $50.

Valentine’s Day can be done well no matter what the budget is. And remember, if she says “Don’t get me anything for Valentine’s Day” it was a test you better get her something!

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