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Staff Writer: Savannah Phillips

I was inspired this week. Today, I want to inspire you…

Tuesday night, I attended the lyceum,  “Inspiration, Creativity, Direct Action, Courage and Fortitude” by Julie Bee, founder, and president of BeeSmart Social Media. After listening to her message, I felt empowered. 

During the lecture, Bee stressed how fear is what holds us back from doing what we love. Though she was talking about entrepreneurship, it seemed to expand far beyond that- to passion itself. She said, “Now is the time to take the leap- go for it!”  She listed several things that she wishes someone would have told her at the start of her career as a small business owner, but those tips will apply to whatever career path you choose. I have listed the tips below, in hopes it will encourage and inspire you as you continue your journey at Wingate.

  1. Give yourself permission to fail- what you’re really doing is giving yourself permission to try- best lessons come from failures
  2. Remember the 3 Rs- resilience, resourcefulness, and relentlessness
  3. Be vulnerable and willing to ask for help. Have a mentor. -Utilize resources. Be humble
  4. Beware the Imposter Syndrome- feeling that you haven’t  earned what you have. Feeling like you are a fake or a phony. Overcome it by keeping “I’m a badass” file- proof you do know what you’re doing. Keep it in front of you

Remember,  no matter who you are or why you are at Wingate, you are here for a reason. Don’t wait out of fear of failure. Failure will make you try harder. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your dream. It’s not their dream to dream, it’s yours. 

Try. Just try. When you fall, get back up! You are meant to do great things. Your heart is already pulling you in a certain direction, listen to that feeling and never let it go. 

My advice this week is simple: follow your wildest dreams with courage and persistence!

~ Savannah Phillips (thanks sent to Julie Bee for her “tips” and inspiring message this week!)

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