How’s it hangin?

Staff Writer: Cassidy Braver

If you like to hammock or have considered purchasing one, there are plenty of places around campus to hang in – literally. The opportunities are endless with all of the trees around campus. 

It is a great place to do homework outside, listen to music, drink (if you are of age), stack the hammocks up a tree with your friends, use it while hiking, or just hanging out with your animals and friends. 

There are many areas to hang your hammock around campus – when you get creative you would be surprised. If you live in Beam, Welborn, or Byrum, the towers work as a perfect spot to set up your hammock. There are trees behind the apartments by greek and near starbucks that are suitable for a hammock to fit between. Campus lake is also a great area to set up a hammock. 

If you are looking to buy a hammock, Eno, or brands similar to that are the type of hammock that are suggested the most. These bad boys can range from $20- $80 in price, but will last you a lifetime. Locally, you can find these hammocks at a Walmart, most outdoors stores, or Amazon of course.

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