List of ways to relax without having Spring Break

Staff Writer: Hannah Haigler

While we might have lost our spring break for the Spring 2021 semester, we do not have to lose the fun and relaxation (well, partial relaxation) that this week always brought us. Here is a list of things you can do on campus to keep spring break alive in your heart.

1. Spend Time Outdoors

Sitting outside to study, taking a hike around Campus Lake, or just chatting with friends is a great way to get some fresh air and boost your mood. Try these places on campus to work on your tan while studying: the picnic tables in the quad, the tables outside of Starbucks, the benches on the Elm Promenade, or the Amphitheater behind Burris.

2. Check Out On-Campus Events

There are lots of different clubs and events always taking place virtually and on-campus! Check out the CORQ app to see which clubs are hosting meetings or other cool events like BARC and Campus Rec’s “Halfway Vacay.” Wanting to do something active? The McGee Center holds different fitness classes each day from kickboxing to yoga!

3. Cook a New Meal

All of those meals you have been saving on Pinterest or that crazy idea you had of eating ice cream for dinner as an eleven-year-old, now is the time for those. Learn how to make a meal from a different culture, have breakfast for dinner one night, or host a dorm room dessert baking competition. (Heating your leftover food from the Klondike isn’t the microwave’s only superpower.)

4. Local Treasures

Wanting to explore? Put your midterm paper research skills to use and look up some different local things to do around Wingate. Check out the farmer’s market, find a local hiking trail, volunteer at a close-by non-profit, or go try a new restaurant.

This point of the semester makes a sixth-month vacation twice a year sound as appealing as an ‘A’ on one of your midterms, but we’ll just have to take it one day at a time to find a break with the best ways we know.

Hang in there, Wingate! You’re almost there!

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