Thanksgiving Meal – 101

Staff Writer: Amy Cenname

As the holiday season is approaching, students are planning to leave campus in the upcoming week for Thanksgiving break. And as students are preparing to have friendsgiving or be back with their loved ones, many are being asked, “What would you like to eat for Thanksgiving Dinner?”.

Although many traditional Thanksgiving dinners consist of having turkey, stuffing, dinner rolls and cranberry sauce, many students say that these foods are not typically one of their favorites and instead insist on many other food options and explain why it’s their favorite. 

Some students on campus said foods such as broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, and mac and cheese as their favorites. 

“My mom makes mac and cheese with 5 different cheeses in it and the reason that it’s my favorite is because it’s a special family recipe,” Wingate student Peyton Quisenberry said. 

And although many students think broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole and mac and cheese are good, one student thinks otherwise. 

“My dad always makes rutabaga and carrots and it’s my favorite dish because it’s a family tradition”, Wingate student Hanna Pare said. To learn more about thanksgiving recipes visit for many different ideas of cooking this holiday season.

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