Holidays season: COVID edition

Staff Writer: Kendrick Tucker

The year of 2020 has been anything but normal for all. With the holiday season officially here, it’s no secret that holiday traditions will be different and like no other this year. 

The rules and regulations in every state is different, such as the amount of people allowed in closed areas, which will keep families separated this holiday season. 

The procedures taken to insure everyone’s household stays healthy and COVID-19 free is ultimately up to the families and people celebrating this year. Rashaard Pringle, a Wingate senior, has plans of staying in Wingate for the holidays. 

“Knowing how serious COVID is, I’d rather stay on campus and work,” Pringle said. “I love my family, but I’d rather be safe here and not worry about bringing the virus back and getting them sick.”

With basketball being the only sports underway on campus, there are different procedures taken to ensure that athletes stay safe and COVID free as well. 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, athletes who typically would be able to hit the road won’t be able to travel home even if they live in the cities close by. The Men’s and Women’s basketball team will stay on campus and eat separately with their teammates.

“It won’t really affect me because my family doesn’t do anything special on Thanksgiving,” Wingate sophomore Michael Bagnasco said. “But not having the option to go spend time with them for a couple of days does suck.”

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