Spring semester 2021 update

Staff Writer: LaVonda Briggs

There has been an update to Wingate University’s class schedule for the 2021 Spring semester. 

This is following the change students had to undergo for the Fall semester of not having a Fall Break and not returning to campus like they would previously after Thanksgiving Break due to COVID-19. 

Kristen Johnson, who is a communications specialist and the University Spokesperson, sent an email to students updating them that their last day of classes is November 24. The email also states that students are expected to vacate their residential space by noon on Wednesday, November 25. 

Coming on to campus in August for the fall, students were required to fill out a sign-up form to select a date and time to move in on campus. The Office of Residence Life will be doing something similar to that to return to campus in the Spring in order to increase the number of students on campus gradually. This form will be sent out to students by December 10. 

When returning for the Spring semester, students are expected to start classes again on January 21. 

There are two breaks that students usually get for the Spring semester, which are Spring Break and Easter Break. 

These two breaks have now been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, but the university has come up with another way to make up for this. 

In February, March and April there will be one day out of the month called a “break day.” On these days, students will not have to attend classes for the day. 

Not having a Spring or Easter Break is a big change for students, but the university is trying to do everything that they can for the students due to the Coronavirus. 

Students can find the updated class schedule on Wingate University’s website under the Registrar page.

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