Online classes – The new reality

Staff Writer: LaVonda Briggs

Online school has become the new norm for many students across the country. At Wingate University, students transitioned online during the spring semester, but assumed it would only be for a few weeks. Now the fall semester has begun, and they are still online.  

Remote learning is a big change and challenge for some students. They may be having trouble reaching out to professors or even learning in an all virtual environment.  

“It’s a drastic change and it’s been a little complicated, but I think the teachers are trying their hardest to help us learn,” said Wingate junior Chandler Hendrix. 

Some students don’t feel like they are learning that much online because they may be easily distracted or it’s just not their style of learning.  

“I learn better in a classroom setting, not on a computer.I feel like I am facetiming someone,” said Wingate junior Siarah Cooper.  

COVID-19 has shaped how students are having to learn. Even with the challenges of virtual learning and wishing that they were meeting in person, some students feel that it’s best that they are online right now to avoid putting themselves or others at risk for the virus. 

“I would rather do in-person classes. I like to be engaged in my classes and ask questions during class,” said Wingate senior, Carol Aguilar. “However, because of COVID-19 I prefer to stay online because I don’t want to risk my life or anyone else’s.”   

Hendrix says it is easier to manage her time now because she only meets on zoom for 2 classes, so it gives her time to get her assignments done.  

Students have also had the challenge of learning how to manage their time efficiently. Some students may have a job, some may have distractions at home, but they now must readjust to being in school and doing other things that they enjoy while attending school online.  

“I work all day. It’s the only thing that I like about being online,” said Cooper.   

“I am managing my time better than I thought I would. Balancing work and school are easy for me since I don’t have to drive almost 2 hours to and from school every day,” said Aguilar.  

Some students started hybrid classes on September 8, while other students will not be going back to in-person classes for the rest of the semester.  Some professors have chosen not to do hybrid classes and will stay solely online for the remainder of the semester. 

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