Career Strategy: Your Guide to the Career Development Process

Staff Writer: Sharon Robinson

     In the article last week, I mentioned a number of topics.  For this week’s online article, I wanted to provide some more in-depth information on one of the topics – LinkedIn.

     Do you know the value of LinkedIn?  Are you aware that LinkedIn is a great tool to use as a part of your overall career/job search strategy?  Did you know that you can do all of the following with LinkedIn?

  • Find and follow companies that interest you
  • Search for Wingate alumni to find out where they are working
  • Search for jobs (and in some cases, see the name of the person who posted the job)
  • Search your connections to determine where they are working
  • Send messages to your connections to stay in touch with them or to congratulate them on a new role or promotion

     Most of these searches can be conducted by clicking the Search bar at the top and then clicking Jobs, Companies or People or whichever label applies to your search.  You can then click All Filters if you want to filter your search further.

     LinkedIn has articles to help you if you need assistance in setting up your profile, searching for jobs, or using any of the features.  While it is a social media platform, it is also a very powerful business tool. It can be a bit overwhelming to use it, but give yourself time.  It doesn’t take too long to gain proficiency with it, and you’ll be a LinkedIn expert in no time!

     Best wishes as you embark on your journey with LinkedIn!

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