Get to know more about Dr. Catherine Wright

    Staff Writer: Michael Paulus

     When asked to do an interview, not many will share the same approach that Dr. Catherine Wright does.

      “I will clear my schedule for you,” Wright said. “You are a VIP.” 

     That is how she makes you feel after speaking with her. It is hard to believe after speaking with her that she is only entering her 6th year as an assistant professor in the Religion and Philosophy Department. 

     Starting this year she took on the responsibilities as the Executive Director of the Collaborative for the Common Good – a new hub for laboratories of difference-making.

     Dr. Wright has played a tremendous part in the community of Wingate, NC. Last Spring, Bulldogs Into Going Green (BIGG) placed raised garden beds by the NEU building with help from many different organizations. She played a role in the organization of BIGG as the founding faculty advisor. 

     She was extremely proud of her students and the projects they completed. 

     BIGG has made a great impact on our campus; as well as in our community. The organization also brought in the ride share program. On campus, there are bikes that can be used free of charge. There is no fee to use. 

     All of this information is extremely important in describing who Dr. Wright is as a person and as a teacher. 

     One topic that came up was who her ministry was. Wingate students are her ministry. 

     Here are a couple of fun questions that many may not know about Dr. Wright.

What do you think is one of your best qualities?

     “I think my best quality is my love of life — I am constantly tickled by the eccentricities of the many subjects that cross my path and I love this diversity.”

What is one quality that many people may not know?

     “Perhaps that I played competitive women’s football for 20 years and retired after my team (the Venom) came second in Canada in our division. Also, many don’t know that I have a zoology degree and studied bats and buttress rooting in Costa Rica — and respiration functioning in Canada geese.”

What makes Wingate special?

     “This one is tough … I would say the hospitality of faculty and the warmth and caring of students– the fact they go out of their way to just drop in to say hi is phenomenal. I love the people of Wingate and ‘we’ make it special.”

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