The uncomfortable truth about sexual assault

Staff Writer: Aaliyah Parson

     Sexual assault on college campuses is a very common occurrence that often goes unreported. Wingate University has approximately 3,600 students on three campuses. 

     According to Campus Safety and Fire Safety Annual Report, in 2018 there were 24 reports of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct is any conduct of sexual nature that is not consensual and may include but not limited to: sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, dating violence, and stalking. 

     “I honestly do feel safe on campus, in some cases I may look over my shoulder to make sure I’m safe,” Madison Edwards, junior, said. 

      While males and females are both subject to experience sexual assault, one in five women in college are said to experience sexual assault. Studies also show that students are at higher risk of sexual assault in the first few months of their first and second semesters of college. 

     Edwards believes there should be more conversation about sexual assault on campus.

“It’s covered up way too much. Different people have different scenarios as to what sexual assault means to them. I believe if one person can open up then a conversation can actually be had” said Edwards.

     Many students who have been sexually assaulted are hesitant to speak up, as only one in five women report the attack to the police. 

     A sexual misconduct policy is available for students which provides educational and preventative measures, as well as training programs. This policy can be found at .

     If you are someone you know has been a victim of sexual misconduct contact local law enforcement directly or report to the University. Individuals may also report sexual misconduct on their behalf or on behalf of the alleged victim to Wingate’s Title IX coordinator or responsible employees. This information can be found in the sexual misconduct policy.

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