Wingate students celebrate One Day One Dog

By Quinn McGhee, Staff Writer

One Day One Dog is a yearly community service event here at Wingate where classes are canceled so students can volunteer their time on campus and to the community of Wingate. This year Wingate had over 1,200 students participate in 27 different service projects across the community.

  For Wingate sophomores, Lilian Martinez and Esmeralda Loredo, this was their second year participating in One Day One Dog. “I really enjoyed spending quality time with my friends and professors while having the opportunity to engage in community service,” said Martinez.

  This year Martinez and Loredo participated in Wingate’s community garden to help plant vegetables with the lacrosse team as well as the aquaponics club.

  This yearly event helps bring the Wingate community together with a common goal. “It gives people an opportunity to come together, meet new people, and learn about ways college students can serve the community,” said Martinez.

  “I think it is a good idea, but I think the service should focus more on the Wingate community instead of the campus of Wingate because there are a lot of homeless people in the area,” stated Silvia Alfaro, a junior here at Wingate.

  Many students love the united feeling of students on One Day One Dog. “I really like wearing the shirts because we all feel like one. We all stop our busy lives to help for one day,” said Loredo.

  Because of One Day One Dog, the local food bank gets many donations which they really look forward to. “Part of the Wingate motto is to serve, so it’s a core value of the school and its good that students and faculty come together to fulfill this motto,” Said Loredo.

  Wingate’s yearly One Day One Dog really makes an impact on students and faculty every year. This day brings people together for the good of the community and the bonding of the student population

Edited by: Rachael Robinson

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