Lyceums Series Hosted in Library Until the End of October

By: Andrew Elliot, Staff Writer

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is hosting a Lyceum series by the name of WU Start, that all students can attend.

“Whether you are new to college and want to make sure you have a sharp set of tools for your academic success OR If your original plan is not going the way that you intended, you can still use these resources to get the assistance you need and set a new course,”said Ms. Wharton, Director of the ARC and Student Success.

“WU Start is the second version of this Academic Series sponsored by the Academic Resource Center. Last Spring, we created WU Turn and had 50 students at every single event. The idea for both these events is similar. Using the scales of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) first developed at the University of Texas at Austin, these events are intended to strengthen the academic skill set of the attendees.”

LASSI was developed by Dr. Claire Ellen Weinstein, Dr. David R. Palmer, and Dr. Taylor W. Acee of the University of Texas at Austin.

Ms. Wharton explained, “there are 10 LASSI scales: Attitude, Motivation, Time Management, Anxiety, Concentration, Information Processing, Selecting Main Ideas, Using Academic Resources, and Self Testing.”

Using these scales, multiple departments of Wingate University worked together to create a series that built upon these different concepts to provide an interactive workshop full of resources and support for students.

WU Start events are split into eight events throughout September and October each starting at 4 p.m. in the AV room in the Ethel K. Smith Library. With Week 1 and Week 2 in the books, Week 3 is up next on Sept. 26 with the topic of ‘stress, anxiety, and homesickness’ with Dr. Terese Lund of the Psychology Department.

Week 4 is on Oct. 3 with representatives from the CVICS office speaking about the topic of ‘Do what you love and love what you do’.

Week 5 is on Oct. 10 with Dr. Patrick Young of the Psychology Department speaking about ‘Motivation, concentration, and resilience ’.

Week 6 is on Oct. 24 with Mrs. Amee Odom, Director of the Ethel K.Smith Library and Mr. Kevin Winchester, Director of the Writing Center in the ARC.

Week 7 is on Oct. 24 with Mrs. Cari King, Assistant Director of the ARC/ Tutoring and Academic Instruction, and Mr. Kevin Winchester.

Week 8 rounds out WU Start with Dr. Annette Digby, Dean of Education, and the School of Education.

“I’m proud of this series,” said Ms. Wharton, “the individuals leading each session are talented professional educators who make these topics understandable and relatable to each student. There is so much support available to Wingate students.”

Edited By: Rachael Robinson

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