Res Life opens the door to new housing changes

Caitlin Bailey, Staff Writer

Housing sign-ups is one of the most dreaded times of the year for students. Friend groups are split up as students scramble to find who they are rooming with. This is not a decision to be taken lightly either.

Decisions made can determine where you will live for a year. Sure, students can change housing at the beginning of the semester, if things don’t go well, but the alternative may not be as ideal if  they would have just gone with another friend to begin with. These decisions require thought, but housing sign-ups sneaks up on students before they know it.

This dreaded time is currently going on. However, this year has been unlike any other. This year brought a few changes to housing. One of them being that the housing process is being done online.

This started with students signing up to get their rank on Feb 20. After students got their rank, they could talk with their friends and decide who they want to live with. The deadline to select roommates or get matched with one is March 21.

After this, the group will get their rank number and selection time slot. Then the group will sign up for housing and get confirmation that the housing selection has been completed.

Another change coming in this fall is the new housing buildings. These new buildings will be called Wilson Halls East and West. Hilltop which opened in fall of 2017 will no longer be for freshman. Starting in fall, it will be for returning students. Also in the fall, Helms Hall is going to be for first-year students.

Wilson Halls East and West
Wilson Halls East and West

The most surprising changes is the co-gender housing. Co-gender housing was tested out this school year in Alumni Hall. Freshman, Courtney Finley is currently living there. Speaking of her experience this year, “ I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s not for everyone. I like having guys on the hall because it helps me feel a little more safe, and we all get along pretty well. I would recommend co-ed housing.”

Starting in the fall, co-ed housing will be offered in Beam Hall in Watson Village, Rushing Hall in South Village, and half of Bridges Hall.

In order to help with the housing process, the Office of Residence Life sent out instructional videos of how to go through the process. They also offered eight housing sign-up information sessions.
The first one was held on Feb 20, and the last one will be on Mar 14 in Helms Hall Lobby with Roommate Mixer at 6 p.m. However, even with these tools students found the housing process still a little complicated. Sophomore, Reiley Richardson said, “I feel like they need better communication on where to find all of the links, and a better way to get to them rather than through email.”

Edited by: Brea Childs

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