Collegiate Curls Club emerges on Wingate’s campus

I’Dajha Harris, Staff Writer

A brand-new club has emerged on Wingate’s campus under the name Collegiate Curls of WU. Learning about this new hair club, it was an instantly intriguing as woman of color whose hair is naturally curly, to find out more about it and who started the club. Campus Collaboration Chairwoman, Alina Siler took the time to speak on behalf of the club and the goal behind creating it for WU’s campus.

“I try to collaborate and connect our organization with community and on-campus resources and organizations.” Siler discussed her role in the club before explaining the reason behind making this club into what it is becoming today. “We wanted young black women and men on campus to embrace their natural hair, skin, and body. We’d like to promote unity and self-love across this growing campus. We want this organization to be a comfortable space for people to love and take care of themselves in hopes that everyone can accept them for who they are.”

Alina hopes that by the time she graduates, the club will have over 40 members. They continuously have events throughout the semester and those events tend to be posted on their Instagram, collegiatecurlsofwu, as well as posters along campus!

They’re latest events included:

March 14th- 7:00 pm | Collegiate Curls Meeting | Hayes 223

April 17th – Hair Masque (DIY Hair Masque. Food, Drinks & more)

The club meets on Tuesday nights.

Edited by: Brea Childs

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