Limited parking at Wingate has students feeling frustrated

Keyana Daye, Staff Writer

With the admission of over 1,000 freshman students last semester, which is almost double the size of all previous classes, there was bound to be some issues. One of the biggest issues to most students, and even faculty, would be parking.

No matter which parking lot you pull into, the game of luck always seems to be in full effect. With a grand total of 2,616 parking spaces on our campus it should be easy to find a convenient place to park but most students can’t even park in the lots outside of their own dorm. So, of course the issue of parking is very prominent to Wingate University students.

At the very beginning of the Fall 2017 semester, four overflow lots were added. Their locations are at the precarious gravel lot by the Cafeteria, on Camden Street near the intersection of Oak and Camden, and there are two lots on Faculty Drive.

However, most students are hesitant to park in those lots. Some stating the issue of tardiness because of the distance these lots are from their classes and or the issue of safety.

Some students, like Jaycie Haymore, work late at night and when it comes time to return to her dorms there are no open spaces in the lots closest to her residence hall. According to Officer Jane Horne, you have the option of calling Campus Safety for an escort if you park in one of the overflow lots that aren’t as close to your dorm or apartment building, in case you don’t feel safe.  

Jaycie Haymore recounts, “And even if I park in a far lot, like behind McGee, it’s scary to walk back to Beam. I’ve even had someone follow me and catcall me.”. If she had known about this information beforehand, or if there were more panic buttons around campus then her situation could have been avoided, she believes.

When students were asked where they often saw people getting ticketed, most of the popular locations were behind the Neu building and the cafeteria parking lot. To avoid these tickets, students should be aware of the designated permit required for the lot, park inside an actual space, and to not park in the grass ever.

There have been several occasions where residential lots are riddled with commuter cars parked in their spaces, and likewise. It is a frustration that is mutually shared amongst all students and faculty alike when this situation could be avoided with mutual respect and understanding by all.

Most students report that parking for the new spring semester has not improved. With that concern in mind it was important to address the rumor floating about that the next class of freshman would not be allowed to bring their cars to campus.

However, Officer Jane Horne reports, “As of today, the freshman will be able to bring their cars to campus. I do not know if it will change in the future.”. She also reports that the University has not yet decided to add any more parking lots next semester.
When presented with this information freshman commuter Kimberly Duong says, “I think that’s a bad move for everyone. Commuters already have it hard as it is, and having more cars and the same amount of spaces only calls for more issues.”. The issue of parking may never be fully solved but all further questions can be answered by Campus Safety.

Edited by: Brea Childs

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