BIGG helps transform Heritage Trail

Celestia Randolph, Staff Writer


Last Friday evening, Bulldogs Into Going Green (BIGG) members assisted Carol Larrimore, master gardener and chief director of the Heritage Project, in her efforts to transform the Heritage Trail into a place for locals to enjoy.

Started roughly two years ago, the Heritage Trail Project, located at the Union County Agricultural Center,  is the concerted result of multiple Union County Boy Scouts of America chapters and Wingate’s Master Gardener’s Association. Its purpose is to educate North Carolinians about their state’s unique ecological systems.

Along the trail, which is cooled by the shade of white oak, pecan, and black walnut trees, are native plants such as wild violets and orange honeysuckle and medicinal plant species including black cohosh and goldenseal.

This recreation of North Carolina’s native ecosystem has provided an educational setting for local elementary schools, and other groups of ecologically minded youth. “All of the plants along the trail were labeled.”  Molly Hutson, BIGG president, related. “It’s really cool to learn what the plants we see everyday are called, and it’s also important to know which invasive plant species threaten them.

“The potential of the Agricultural Center’s additional acreage was recognized by a local gardener years ago,” said Larrimore. “When she moved out of state, I was eager to take to this project.”  Larrimore wishes, more than ever, to involve volunteer and student organizations in her project.

BIGG was grateful to be a part of such a valuable asset to the Wingate area. If any Wingate students are interested in lending a hand to the project, links will be available on the BIGG Facebook page.

Edited By Dustin Kiggins and Rachael Robinson


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