Crowders Mountain is a “Must-Hike” for Wingate Students

Maggie Smith, Staff Writer

Wingate University students find themselves limited to activities being that they’re located in the small town of Wingate.

Surrounding the small town of Wingate are more similar small towns such as Monroe, Marshville, and Wadesboro. These surrounding towns have small malls, a few restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, and that’s the extent of it.

Sure, the City of Charlotte is only a short 45 minute drive and has a lot more to offer, but sometimes Wingate students want a ‘nature scene’ rather than the ‘city scene.’

Many students from Wingate plan their Saturday or Sunday’s for a day trip to Crowders Mountain State Park. Some students make it a full weekend trip to the State Park by camping on one of the sites.

Crowders Mountain State Park is located in Gaston County, approximately an hour and a half from Wingate University. The mountain has eleven trails that range from pastoral to strenuous. People also have the option of fishing or canoeing in the lake at Crowders Mountain State Park.

Senior Kaitlyn Brunworth said she’s hiked Crowder’s Mountain four times. “I really like it because it’s the closest possible hike and it’s also really cool” said Brunworth. “There are lots of different trails there, so you could do a quick hour long hike, or spend a whole day picnicking and chilling.”

Brunworth said that if you hike the main trail you can see all the way to Charlotte from the top of the mountain on a clear day. “I’d choose to go there over Charlotte on a Saturday because for one it’s free, and two, I really enjoy hiking. It’s always refreshing to be out in nature for a while to escape the hustle and bustle of the city” said Brunworth.

Brunworth said some essentials for a trip to Crowder’s Mountain are a jacket, snacks, water, sunscreen, lunch (if you decide to have a picnic), and a group of friends.

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Edited by: Brea Childs

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