QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What’s your family’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

The COM 220 News Writing class is out asking a final Question of the Week for the semester. How are you going to spend your Thanksgiving break? Enjoy the holiday, everyone!


Dr. Jason Joyner, assistant professor of mathematics, told class members Jackson Kaplan and Delaney Smith that his family stands in a circle and each member says something they’re thankful for. He enjoys eating a big Thanksgiving dinner and just being with his whole family;


Dr. Ben Sammons, assistant professor of English, is originally from Savannah, Ga., but spends the holiday with family in South Carolina. His favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the green bean casserole that’s always served at the meal.

This student’s Thanksgiving includes a musical tradition.


Isaiah Cornelius, left, and Grant Logan are senior music education majors. Isaiah says his family’s favorite tradition is going over to his grandmother’s house to eat a big dinner. Grant says his family’s Thanksgiving always includes “Grandma always forgetting to make the gravy for Thanksgiving lunch.” .

Sophomore Austin Pittsley‘s Thanksgiving also sounds like a familiar one:


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