Technology benefits students in the classroom

Technology not just at home but in the classroom

Josh Dominguez, Staff Writer

This month’s Union County Public School Board meeting was hosted at Cuthbertson High School. Cuthbertson has made it a point to prove technology has been emphasized over the years in schools as a learning tool to help students.

Cuthbertson High School has taken the non-traditional approach to enhance the nature of classroom learning for their students with the addition of multiple technological uses.

Over time technology has been criticized for being used in the classroom as “taking the easy way out” Cuthbertson thinks differently from that. Classrooms in Cuthbertson High School are filled with smartboards, laptops, and a lot of digital learning.

Teaching students in a way that they can understand and connect to is an important area in which this particular high school takes pride in.

Some of the things that they use the technology for in class is very interactive. For example, if a student were to be struggling in understanding something the smartboard allows the teacher to highlight the words or section on the screen so that the student can visually see what is being explained.

In addition to the smartboard, the High School has a college feel to it, in that a lot of the classes have their own course website. This allows the students to be on their laptops in class to follow along with the power points or digital notes being explained.

Cuthbertson High School students made a brief video exhibiting the uses of the technology in the classroom. “Having our laptops in class give us the ability to not only see what is up on the board, but have it in front of us so that we can look over it if we did not understand it.” said a current student from Cuthbertson.

The school board praised Cuthbertson for being one of many high schools that have taken the education to the next level by incorporating technology in the classroom.

The UCPS school board is in the efforts of increasing the budget to help the cause of technology in the classroom. “With the potential of us increasing the budget we want to be able to get the best products for our students, being Apple products, and even more software options to provide to our students.”

The school board meets monthly and in these meetings an array of topics are discussed and the board members vote on certain topics, but also allow for local teachers to pitch their ideas about what is needed in the school system. Union County Public Schools is one of the best in the state and the board plans for it to keep growing.

Edited by: Sara Gunter

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