Question of the Week: What are you doing over Fall Break?

The COM 220 News Writing class asked students, staff and faculty members about their plans for the upcoming holiday break. Here’s what they said:



Sociology major Taylor Edwards, left, with class member Christina Kroeger: “I’ll be working at Outback Steakhouse, shopping with Mom and going to the Carolina Panthers game.”


Sophie Jendrzejczyk, sophomore, St. Charles,. Ill.: “I’ll be staying here playing soccer.”


 Brooke Schubart, freshman, pre-pharmacy, right, with class members Delaney Smith  and Brandon Bowles: “Going to Alpha Omega corn maze and home to Wilkes County”

T.J. Smith works in the Klondike and here are her plans:

Here’s Mick Reynolds, dean of student life:

Class members Kori Adams and Andrew Elliott sent notes from their conversation with math professor Dr. Jason Joyner 


And one more:

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