Dr. McGee returns for installation ceremony

The retired WU president is serving as interim president of South Piedmont Community College, traveling and doing consulting work. 

By Jenna Turner, staff writer 

Dr. Jerry McGee was back on campus last Thursday for the installation of Dr. Rhett Brown as Wingate University’s 10th President.

When asked about his feelings about being back on campus, Dr. McGee replied “I always love being back on the Wingate University campus. So many dear friends, great memories and the energy of the students make it fun to return.”

McGee believes that Dr. Brown is well prepared to serve as our President and will do everything in his power to move the University to new height. “He well need all of us to work alongside him and help to assure his success” states McGee.

The two presidents meet often and Dr. McGee says he always remembers to encourage Brown to take care of his health; to get rest, eat the right foods, exercise and get away from the stress of his new position.

Since leaving his position at Wingate, Dr. McGee has been enjoying his two sons and their families, writing, consulting, and traveling to places like Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and the Bahamas. He is also currently serving as Interim President of South Piedmont Community College until December of this year.

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