All-SAC Receiver Trevor Grant Returning to Pursue Master’s and National Title at Wingate

Sports Editor: Michael O’Neill

WINGATE – Wingate University football senior Trevor Grant has been a jack of all trades as long as he can remember. The former Cuthbertson High football standout is about to embark on a new journey in Wingate’s Masters of Accounting program when he graduates with his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.

Grant learned to juggle many things as a student-athlete and chase the things that gave him passion and purpose. He did that with “patience and investment day in and day out.”

“Coming into Wingate as a freshman, I only had two years of football experience under my belt,” he said, “Coach Reich and my offensive coordinator, Coach Long, consistently pushed me to sharpen my understanding of the game and our offense every day.”

When he came in as a freshman, Grant also had the opportunity to play two sports at Wingate: football and baseball. It also allowed him to understand both games at a high level. Grant recalled using his body in several different ways and improving his overall athleticism when he played football, baseball, and track at Cuthbertson.

His former head football coach David Johnson, and track coach Dustin Allen bugged him to try out football. After Grant stepped on the practice field during his junior season, he knew he had the potential. Johnson saw him become all-in with everything he did in the first ten minutes of his first football practice.

It led him to be an all-conference wide receiver and a noticeable college football
prospect. “Everyone that has come in contact with Trevor immediately feels a connection,” he said, “He is an awesome human being, so to see him continue to overcome and achieve year after year has been tremendous. I had no doubt that he would be great, and it was an honor to be a small part of
his journey.”

After recovering from a major injury, Grant saw action by the second game and took hold of every opportunity he had to earn his position back. He said being able to travel with the Bulldogs and score touchdowns in the postseason made the recovery worth it.

Academically, Grant took hold of what was available to him in business. Those include identifying and preventing fraudulent financial reporting, conducting statistical analysis for business operations and productions, and the nature of investments, trading, and fluctuations in the bond and stock markets.

Grant has one year of eligibility left and plans to use his versatility and guide the Bulldogs to another postseason run in 2023. Had he not had an open mind to anything he tried, he would not have the fulfilled experience he had at Wingate.
“If I did not challenge myself in different sports, I would have never been a college athlete,” he said.

“With the help of my many high school coaches, learning new things and pushing myself in different ways created my opportunity at Wingate, and I am forever grateful.”

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