COUNTERPOINT Magazine Returns

Staff Writer: Garrett Elder

Counterpoint magazine returns for its 52nd year as a Wingate campus staple. The 2021 edition of the magazine has just been published. Fourteen students and two faculty members have composed more than 35 poems and short stories. The artworks of more than 55 students are also featured.

The magazine was founded by Professors of English Dr. Sylvia Little-Sweat and Mrs. Louise Napier in 1969 as a creative outlet and place for students to publish their works. Featuring anything from poetry to short stories to musical compositions, Counterpoint provides an opportunity for any person affiliated with Wingate University to flex their creative muscle. 

Dr. Taura Napier, daughter of Counterpoint founder, is now the magazine’s faculty advisor and editor. She has been in charge of any and all writing in the publication since 2007. Napier said that she most looks forward to “seeing students showcase their writing.” 

Surprisingly enough, not all students featured in Counterpoint are English majors. Napier explained that “it doesn’t matter what a student is studying academically, if they want to be featured, they can be. Creativity is no respecter of majors.” 

Napier announced this Thursday that the award of Editor’s Choice has been awarded to Senior Marketing major Stephanie Godwin for her poem entitled “Day & Nite.” The work can be found on page 27 of the magazine.

Godwin said “Being published in Counterpoint has really been an exciting experience. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I love that the English department offers students this opportunity to get a taste of the process of getting work published.” 

The prize of Editor’s Choice is awarded to one piece in the magazine. The award winning writer is given a cash prize of $200 for their efforts and contributions. 

“Academia usually focuses more heavily on research-based work, so students having a place for creative writing is vital,” Godwin said. 

Counterpoint is only published once yearly in the fall. Copies of the magazine can be found throughout campus on tables in the Crowder Welcome Center, in the EKS Library, and in the lobbies of all academic buildings. 
If you’re interested in having work, either written or visual, featured in next year’s Counterpoint, email it to Dr. Napier at

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